Our client is an investment firm that want to fill an office manager position. As a company, their goal is to help clients achieve their financial aspirations and investment goals. 

Important info for applicants:  The Executives is more progressive than traditional recruitment agencies. Our clients hire us to conduct their first-round interviews for them. We are responsible for the vetting, selecting and interviewing of all candidates who apply.  Your first interview will be done in our office in Sheung Wan; it is contactless and fully automated for your health and safety  

Please book your interview for this position Here and submit your CV in word format to hello@hkexec.com  

What’s in it for you? 

  • Learn from executive assistants 
  • Opportunity to make personal decisions 
  • Have the option to work flexibly 
  • Help employees grow and develop 

Should you apply for this? 

Yes if… 

  • You are reliable and can be discreet 
  • You are good at building relationships 
  • You can solve problems quickly and effectively 
  • You are a natural leader 
  • You are organized and have an eye for detail 

No if… 

  • You prefer to work independently and quietly 
  • You are not detail oriented  
  • You do not have enough experience 
  • You struggle to connect with others easily  

What will you do? 

  • Organize meetings for staff 
  • Coordinate conferences and events 
  • Ensuring stationary and IT equipment is up to date 
  • Supervise administrative staff 
  • Assist the organizations HR team 

The Executives Verdict? 

This company values its employees and makes a difference in the world of investment and finance. As a senior in this company you will make effective change and take on many roles. It is a fantastic job for a qualified individual to take on and work with an awesome team. 

Work ethic is the most important component of being successful.” (Kliff Kingsbury) 

How to Apply? 

Please book your interview for this position Here and submit your CV in word format to hello@hkexec.com

If you have interviewed with us in the last 6 months then please contact the relevant consultant to ask to be considered for this role as you do not need to re-interview 

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