The nagging feeling I had from the minute I started my recruitment career was

“This could be so much faster”.

Eventually this thought led to frustrations about the business model in general, and soon an obsession to improve it for everyone involved.

So, this is my problem. I am a person who is obsessive – obsessive about efficiency, and I have built my career in what seems to me to be the most inefficient business in the world.

Traditional recruitment is broken, and no one is happy with it, not clients, not agents and definitely not candidates (another blog post on this later!).

There are so many ways that it can be improved and we are working on all of them.

The Executives has made an enormous step towards frictionless recruitment this month and are the first agency in the world to offer this to our clients.

In partnership with HR Tech International we have now moved to full automation of all our interviews by utilising hrPOD. The hrPOD is a fully automated interview centre that interviews and assesses any candidate, for any hire, in any language within 25 minutes.

From now on, when a client starts to work with The Executives, we are able to offer a Smart CV. This is a video interview of the candidate’s, along with a report that provides insights into language, critical thinking and communication ability. This is provided in conjunction with the traditional CV and at no extra cost to our clients. We continue to work on a contingent basis, meaning that if we don’t find a candidate for our clients, we are not paid a fee.

An example Smart CV is provided here

(best viewed on a desktop browser)

Why have we invested in this service for our clients?

  • Bringing together candidates and employers makes sense and it saves over 40% of time during the interview cycle. This is especially true when our point of contact is not the decision maker. The Smart CV now allows HR & line managers to align expectations without having to spend hours of interview time to get there.
  • To widen the candidate pool for our clients: Currently, inhouse talent teams are forced to make decisions on the basis of a CV alone. This substantially limits their candidate pool. The Smart CV from The Executives allows our clients to gain an overall picture of a candidate and to make decisions on objective insights, not just bullet points on a resume.
  • Language. Language fluency is often a matter of opinion, what one person may consider “fluent” another may consider “average”. By engaging with The Executives our clients are now able to quickly assess language skills at the first stage of the vetting process.

The future of recruitment is here !
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