Hong Kong has been pummeled by economic and political uncertainly which has now been compounded by the impact of Covid 19 – all of which have contributed to what we now perceive as candidates how “job hop”

I worry about this latest cohort on the work force and fear that those who entered the market from 2018 have been resiliently overcome circumstances entirely out of their control. Additionally, as expected, we are seeing significant players moving out of the Hong Kong market and the knock-on effect of redundancies as a result of this and economic constraints. However, there are good signs too, whilst some leave, many continue to come, despite the obstacles faced. We have continued to receive daily mandates from clients looking to hire and the vast majority of them have remained stable with their headcount, and most paid out (or intend to pay out) bonuses this year. Hong Kong is an agile powerhouse and has been through tough times before, I have no doubt she will triumph once again.

In the run up to the launch of the #hrPOD and The Smart CV platform, I have had the great pleasure of being able to dedicate some of my own time to our candidate base, speaking to them directly and giving them advice when needed. Having focused on running businesses for the last few years, rather than day to day recruiting, I have really enjoyed having this opportunity. There are some tremendous candidates on the market who look unstable at first sight, but who are simply victims of circumstance. It is this bias that we are looking to reduce through the implementation of our #hrPOD which is now working so effectively that it will soon be the only method that we employ to interview our candidates. Primarily because it frees up our consultants to do exactly what candidates want them to do – and that is to find them a great job!

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