A quick scan of google will show you that the most common question from candidates is…

“Why are recruiters not responding to my application?!”

At The Executives we want our candidate to get the right job for them, however that is sourced, so below we have offered our insights into this question to help you on your journey

Statistic show that there has been an average of 250 applicants per job in 2021.  This of course varies but it’s an insight into the volume of data a typical recruiters deals with. Because of this they are forced to make quick decisions and only have time to contact profiles that closely match what the client has asked for

Because of these high application rates, most of the sizeable recruitment agencies and employers  now use AI to scan CVs. These systems are looking for relevant keywords and unless these appear on your CV, it will be screened out before it every reaches a human. You can read about keywords here

Recruiters will prioritise some roles over others depending on urgency. It’s possible that between the time of advertising and screening your CV,  the role will have been filled

Recruiters often work 12 hour days in order to do their best work. They may want to respond to each and every application, but if they did so, they would never have time to do what you have signed up for – and that is to find you a job !

As the owner of a recruitment Agency, I have felt for some time that the typical agency model does not work because of these inefficiencies. It is not serving the candidates at the level they deserve and that’s why we have partnered up with HR Tech international. As a progressively automated Agency, we are working to free up our recruiter’s time so they can do what they love the most – and that is to consult and service our candidates.

If you would like to learn more about how The Executives is working towards a better recruitment experience for their candidates you please check our Website and Facebook !